All topics

  1. Amarok

    A pretty good KDE-based music player.

  2. BBC

    Hacking the British Broadcasting Corporation.

  3. colour

    Articles about colour and colour blindness.

  4. Free Desktop

    KDE, GNOME, other inter-desktop standard stuff.

  5. Git

    The git version control system.

  6. Java

    I used to teach Java, but don't like it much. Unfortunately, I end up having to use it a lot.

  7. KDE

    The K Desktop Environment. I've been using it daily since version 1.0 (around 1998).

  8. LaTeX

    TeX for the la(z)yman.

  9. netcfg

    Archlinux's network configuration tool.

  10. Ruby

    I don't know much Ruby, but I'm starting to learn.

  11. terminal

    General terminal-related things.

  12. tmux

    The terminal multiplexer. Screen++

  13. Type

    Beautiful looking words.

  14. Vim

    Vi improved. My preferred editor.