17 July 2011

Inconsolata and boldface.

Inconsolata has recently become my typeface of choice for monospaced environments (e.g. Vim, mutt, the terminal), where to be honest I spend the vast majority of my computing time.

It's an exceptionally readable and legible typeface, with all those nice features you'd want in a coding font, such as slashed zeros and obvious differences between punctuation marks. Here's it in action in gVim:

Inconsolata in Vim.

Notice the bold font that's used to indicate the article's title. This is in fact not due to Inconsolata itself, since it only comes with a medium weighted font, not a boldfaced one. Instead, gVim does some clever stuff that bolds out the medium weighted font. Other programs seem able to do this too, urxvt for example. However, not all get it right. Here's a shot of konsole's attempt:

Inconsolata in Konsole.

Luckily, Sven Schwyn has created a variant of Inconsolata, called Inconsolata XL, which includes a bold weighted font. It's available here.

Here's konsole using Inconsolata XL:

Inconsolata-XL in Konsole.


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